Let Performance BIM Marketplace Be Your Home For Digital Assets

Performance BIM Marketplace is the only site dedicated to the creation and distribution of BIM content specifically tailored for the Live Entertainment industry.

Content Development

Performance BIM content is developed by experienced entertainment industry professionals who also understand the design and construction process.  This means that we understand how your products are intended to function.  Our BIM content is built from the ground up based on your product specifications.  

Making your products available digitally makes it easy for designers to specify your products.  BIM assets can also aid in the estimating, engineering, and BIM coordination process.

Content Hosting

The Performance BIM Marketplace contains a curated library of BIM assets specifically tailored to the Live Entertainment Industry.  While the site primarily focuses on Autodesk Revit content, we are able to host and distribute any type of digital assets that aid in the design and construction process.

Whether you are a manufacturer interested in making your products accessible to designers, or you are an individual interested in contributing to the Marketplace, we are eager to be your home for content distribution.

Become a Contributor

Performance BIM is looking for individuals interested in providing or developing quality content to be made available to the community on Performance BIM Marketplace. 

Let Performance BIM be your home for digital assets